G103 is the UCAS course code for the 4-year undergraduate MMath course. This is the website for the short film G103 which shows a surreal "day in the life" of a mathematics undergraduate on the course.

The film was shot at the Mathematics Institute at the University of Warwick and is centred around the following elements:


Almost all courses are taught in the standard lecutre format. Undergraduates typically have 3-6 one-hour lectures a day. In order to help students with the transition from school mathematics to university mathematics the first course in analysis (one of several in the first term) is taught to classes of around 30 students. A course usually constists of about 30 lectures. Typically students take about 8-12 lecture courses per year.



Many courses have regular assignments, which typically count for up to 15% of the course assesment. Usually students are engouraged to work together, but must submit their own work.



Supervisions consist of groups of about 4 undergraduates and are given by a postgrad or a 3rd/4th year undergrad. In the first year, supervision groups meet twice a week to discuss lecture material and assignments, and are usually the first line of support for undergrads struggling with lecture material or assignments. The supervisors mark assignments and give back the work. Usually there are 20 marks for the mathematics and another 5 for clarity and style.


Support Classes

Some lecture courses have a dedicated support class, taken by a 4th year undergrad or postgrad. These tend to be the more challenging courses where the material would be overwhelming in a supervision. In some ways support classes take over from supervisions after the first year or second years. Support classes rarely end in pretend gunfights.


Tutors and Staff Members

One of the distinctive features of maths at Warwick is that the relationships between staff and students are usually quite casual. All undergraduates are assigned a Tutor: a member of staff who generally "looks out" for his/her tutees. Undergrads usually meet their Tutors regularly in groups of around 4 (typically the same group as in supervisions) and can discuss anything from maths to ... well, anything!

Undergraduates have various opportunities for coursework and will often approach lecturers who gave a course they particularly liked to discuss the possibility of doing a project on a related topic.


More info at www.maths.warwick.ac.uk/pydc/

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